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Macrium Reflect Server Plus V 8.1.754 PC Software

Macrium Reflect Server Plus

Macrium Reflect Server Plus V 8.1.754 PC Software


In the fast-paced world of data management and system security, having a solid backup and imaging solution is vital. Macrium Reflect Server Plus V 8.1.754 stands out as a strong software package that responds to the special demands of server settings. In this post, we will dig into the entire overview, important features, system requirements, and technical setup information of this powerful PC program.

Macrium Reflect Server Plus V 8.1.754 PC Software
Macrium Reflect Server Plus V 8.1.754 PC Software


Software Overview

Macrium Reflect Server Plus V 8.1.754 is a cutting-edge backup, disk imaging, and cloning program developed to match the needs of server settings. Developed by Macrium Software, this solution goes beyond standard backup programs by providing powerful capabilities and a user-friendly interface.

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Software Features

Incremental Backup Technology: Macrium Reflect Server Plus implements powerful incremental backup technology, ensuring effective use of storage space and decreasing backup times. This capability is critical for busy server situations where data is continuously changing.

Rapid Delta Restore (RDR): The program introduces Rapid Delta Restore, a technology that enables quick recovery by only recovering the data that has changed. This drastically lowers downtime in the case of system failures or data corruption.

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Centralized Management: For companies with several servers, Reflect Server Plus provides centralized management features. This allows administrators to monitor and handle backups across the whole network from a single panel, expediting the backup process.

Exchange Mailbox Restore: Recognizing the sensitivity of email data, the program offers functionality for granular Exchange mailbox recoveries. This ensures that crucial communication data may be retrieved without restoring the entire inbox.

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SQL Server Backup and Restore: Server Plus expands its support for SQL Server, enabling smooth backup and restore operations. This capability is vital for firms dependent on SQL databases for their operations.

Virtual Machine Support: Embracing virtualization trends, Macrium Reflect Server Plus enables backup and recovery for virtual machines. This features interoperability with common virtualization platforms, giving variety in deployment.

Ransomware Protection: In the era of escalating cyber dangers, the software integrates measures to guard against ransomware assaults. The ability to generate immutable backups guarantees that essential data stays safe and untampered.

Software System Requirements

Before adopting Macrium Reflect Server Plus V 8.1.754, it’s crucial to confirm that the system satisfies the necessary requirements for best performance. The following are the main system requirements.

Operating System: Windows Server 2008 and later Processor: dual-core processor or higher RAM: 2 GB minimum, 4 GB or more recommended.

Storage: 350 MB of free space for software installation, extra space for backup storage These requirements show the software’s adaptability to a range of server setups, making it accessible to a large user base.

Software Technical Setup Details

The installation and configuration of Macrium Reflect Server Plus are meant to be user-friendly while preserving a high level of customization. Here are the technical setup details.

Installation: Download the program from the official website. Run the installation and follow the on-screen directions. Choose the installation directory and customize the basic parameters.

Configuration: Upon installation, start the app and specify backup settings. Define backup timings retention policies, and destination storage. Set up email notifications for monitoring backup status.

Centralized Management: For setups with several servers, install the Macrium Site Manager for centralized control. Connect servers to the Site Manager for easy management.

Backup and Recovery: Initiate manual backups or rely on scheduled procedures for automated processes. Test the recovery method to guarantee data can be recovered fast and accurately.

Integration with Other Systems: Integrate the program with current IT infrastructure, including virtualization. platforms and database systems. Ensure effective communication with antivirus software for increased protection.


Macrium Reflect Server Plus V 8.1.754 comes out as a complete and robust solution for server backup and imaging needs. Its comprehensive features. It centralized management capabilities and compatibility with multiple server configurations. it makeĀ  a great solution for enterprises seeking trustworthy data security. With an emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and solid technological capabilities. The Macrium Reflect Server Plus is positioned as a useful asset in the domain of server software solutions.

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