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Devart ODAC V 12.0.2 PC Software

Devart ODAC V 12.0.2

Devart ODAC V 12.0.2 PC Software


In the ever-evolving environment of database connectivity solutions, Devart ODAC (Oracle Data Access Components) appears as strong and feature-rich software, bridging the gap between applications and Oracle databases. Version 12.0.2 of Devart ODAC represents a milestone in database connectivity, providing greater functionality, improved performance, and seamless integration. This page looks into the software’s overview, important features, system requirements, and technical setup details to offer a full grasp of its capabilities.

Devart ODAC V 12.0.2 PC Software
Devart ODAC V 12.0.2 PC Software


Software Overview

Devart ODAC v12.0.2 is a comprehensive suite of components that allows smooth connections between Oracle databases and multiple programming environments, such as Visual Studio, Delphi, and Lazarus. This software streamlines the development process by offering a single and straightforward interface, enabling developers to focus on designing solid applications without getting bogged down by complicated database connectivity difficulties.

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Software Features

Wide Range of Supported Environments: Devart ODAC supports numerous programming environments, including Visual Studio, Delphi, and Lazarus, making it adaptable for developers working with diverse platforms.

Enhanced speed: Version 12.0.2 delivers enhancements in speed, providing quicker data access and retrieval. This is critical for applications that need real-time data processing and responsiveness.

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Seamless Integration: The software smoothly interacts with numerous IDEs, giving developers a hassle-free experience while working on projects involving Oracle databases. This connection boosts productivity and decreases development time.

Advanced Data Access Components: Devart ODAC contains a complete collection of data access components that enable developers to interface with Oracle databases efficiently. This contains components for data communication, data processing, and data display.

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Security Features: The program prioritizes data security with features such as SSL support for encrypted communication, ensuring that sensitive information is delivered safely over the network.

Support for Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ): Devart ODAC supports Oracle Advanced Queuing, allowing developers to construct message queuing systems for efficient communication between different components of an application.

Software System Requirements

Before going into the technical setup specifics, it’s vital to understand the system requirements for Devart ODAC v12.0.2. Adhering to these conditions assures a seamless installation and excellent performance.

Operating System: Devart ODAC is compatible with a number of Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, and 10. It also supports Windows Server editions.

Development Environments: The program is designed to integrate easily with popular development environments like Visual Studio, Delphi, and Lazarus. Ensure that the chosen development environment matches the compatibility standards stated by Devart.

Oracle Database Compatibility: Devart ODAC is intended to function with multiple versions of Oracle databases. Verify the compatibility matrix to guarantee alignment with the exact Oracle database version in use.

Technical Setup Details

Installing and configuring Devart ODAC v12.0.2 comprises a set of actions to enable a successful integration into the development environment. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for the technical setup:

Download and Installation: Begin by downloading the current version of Devart ODAC from the official website. Follow the installation wizard, giving relevant inputs such as the installation directory and component selection.

Integration with the Development Environment: Depending on the chosen development environment (Visual Studio, Delphi, or Lazarus), incorporate Devart ODAC components into the IDE. This often entails adding references or packages to the project.

Configuration and Connection: Configure Devart ODAC to connect to the Oracle database. Provide connection parameters such as server address, port, login, and password. Additionally, configure any special parameters necessary for the program.

Testing and debugging: Once the integration and setup are complete, thoroughly test the connection and functioning inside the development environment. Use debugging tools to discover and address any issues that may develop.

Documentation and Support: Familiarize yourself with the official documentation given by Devart for ODAC v12.0.2. This manual serves as a helpful resource for troubleshooting, optimization, and exploring advanced capabilities.


Devart ODAC v12.0.2 stands as a trustworthy and effective solution for developers seeking seamless communication with Oracle databases. With its plethora of features, performance enhancements, and support for numerous development environments, this program accelerates the development process and allows developers to construct sophisticated apps. Understanding the software’s overview, important features, system requirements, and technical setup details is vital for leveraging its full potential in database-driven application development. As the technical environment continues to grow, Devart ODAC stays at the forefront, providing a bridge between applications and Oracle databases.

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